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Antesh Anand

Antesh Anand, CEO - Flipsoft technologies

Antesh Anand is one of those Indian Entrepreneur, who started their entrepreneurship journey in early 20’s. While doing Engineering in Computer Science at Sharda University, he started various online website for college students, tours and travel, Bihar’s leading online media website ( and many more. He started Bihar Live in 2015 with a vision of “Connecting Bihar” as It’s tagline says. Bihar Live is now one of the leading online media website in Bihar, India with 125k+ active social followers across various social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram.

While working all these websites he experienced the power of technology in online marketing. He studied various websites and their online marketing strategy. Most of the companies are not using technology and tools which helps in marketing & insights.

He was amazed to find that most of the companies are not using the necessary tools, which is easily available free by the world’s best technology companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mozilla, Amazon, SEMrush, screaming frog.

Antesh analyzed the gap between Marketing and Technology in the business industry. He came up with an idea of Flisoft Technologies to fill this gap to provide ROI focused online marketing services. Antesh Anand founded Flipsoft Technologies in February, 2015 with his friend Rahul. Flipsoft Technologies now helping leading companies from different industries like Real Estate, IT, Tour & Travel, Electronic, Education, Media & Marketing to get better ROI.

Antesh Anand
Antesh Anand

"Think Within The Box of analytics and performance, you will get the best"

Antesh Anand, CEO

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